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Hours later, the trio are awake and discussing their situation.

"We appear to be hanging in a dungeon! A real medieval dungeon!" Neville says excitedly.

"Or a torture chamber," from Mitzi. "Just look at the way we are hanging over a pit filled with
molten lava!" She stares a long moment. "But...if it's real lava, why aren't we crispy critters?"

"And we're naked!" from Dutch who gives Mitzy a quick leering wink.

Both Neville and Mitzi frown at him.

"Yeah, I noticed," grumbles Mitzi. "And why is it you still have your helmet and gloves? I mean, I understand the boots, they're prosthetic and replaced your real legs when they were burned off by a blaster years ago."

Dutch tries to shrug, finding it more than a little difficult from a hanging position...but he manages. "Don't know, maybe we can ask."

Neville sighs. "I'm more concerned with why we have been treated so barbarically. We were not so much as hailed on approach into the system!"

"Yeah, this whole business is totally uncivilized!" Mitzi scowls.

Dutch grins crookedly. "I think 'civilized' is scared to come anywhere near this rock."

Elsewhere in the Citadel, Dutch and crew are being watched by Lord Arkenstrom and a strange little drac named Asom.

"Well, have you seen to my daughter learning of our tourists?"

"Aye, my Lord. She has spent a good part of this evening in her private chambers making preparations."

"Oh, goody. It looks as if Daquri will have some amusement for a while." He eyes the image of Mitzi in the astroscope. "And apparently, so shall we!"

Hours later a strange figure suddenly appears leaning out from the one large window overlooking the dungeon's three captives.

"So, you are the Emperor's new playthings."

"Who are you?" asks Neville.

The dragon girl smiles. "My name is Daquri, and I'm here to rescue you. Unless you prefer hanging around in Doctor Bent's interrogation chamber?"

"Nah, if it's all the same to you, lizard lady, we might as well go along with you." Dutch smiles grimly up at her. "Though I am curious why ya want to rescue us."

Her eyes flash with anger as she snaps out, "I am no lizard, horse man! I am a pr- dragon born!"

Moments later the three prisoners are free. "Now, if you're done insulting me, let us make haste to my private chambers!"

Dutch frowns. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you, lady. I mean you're real pretty!"

Daquri smiles at him.

Mitzi glares from behind Daquri. If the glance were any more intense her eyes would have burned a hole right through the back of Daquri's head!

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An anthropomorphic parody Inspired by Alex Ramond's "Flash Gordon" with some "Warlord of Mars" by Edgar Riceburroughs. And a dash of "Forbidden Planet along with my own ideas as well.
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