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J.R. Stone is some guy that in his thirties decided that the only dream he had managed to keep in his head consistently for many years was to be a writer.  Problem being that he can't ever sit down and keep to one story at a time.  Take the desire to write, mix in a healthy dose of envy from seeing visual works on sites like Deviant Art, shake it all up and you have a poorly written and "drawn" comic.


On a happy note, it does feed the creative itch.  And as it's just starting, there's plenty of room for growth and improvement (yes, I am open to constructive criticism, tips, tricks, etc.)


Thanks for stopping by :)


Oh, and in case you're wondering (I'm sure you're not) the comic is done entirely in Photoshop CS3 using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and some stock photos.