The Lizard Queen Chronicles

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Full Name: Turja Irissa Mandensis
Pronounced: "TER-juh ih-RISS-uh man-DEN-siss"
Height: 6'4"
Age: 28
Race: Zidnorian
Likes: Heavy metal, video games, mingling with regular people
Dislikes: Most of her family, excessively fancy clothes and activities, waking up early
Favorite Food: Wings

Turja Mandensis is the protagonist of "The Lizard Queen Chronicles". She is the former queen of planet Zidnor by heredity, and the current queen of planet Geckoworld by marriage. Zidnorians are a race of bipedal saurian creatures which evolved from a species of intelligent velociraptors. For the last 800 years, Zidnorians had a reputation throughout the galaxies for being fierce and merciless marauders--basically, your stereotypical "evil alien race that wants to conquer everything". But after eight centuries of conquest, Zidnor was no longer able to sustain its empire. Queen Turja recognized this and turned her attention toward culturally modernizing Zidnor. She began to relax Zidnor's draconian laws, which made her very popular with the commoners, but despised by most members of the royal family, who tried to block her efforts at every turn. The royal family pushed her to keep expanding the Zidnorian empire instead, even though it was no longer feasible.

Turja had always been a renegade. She resisted her strict upbringing, neglecting the social graces her family tried to teach her, sneaking out to heavy metal concerts with her best friend Leogard, a gold dragon who was a pilot in the royal squadron, and questioning the traditional Zidnorian idea of reptilian racial superiority.

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