The Lizard Queen Chronicles

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Lord Shiki

Full Name: Shiki Turo Mandensis
Pronounced: "SHEE-kee TOO-roh man-DEN-siss"
Height: 6'6"
Age: 48
Race: Zidnorian
Likes: Serving Hul, puzzles
Dislikes: Turja
Favorite Food: Caviar

Shiki is part of the faction of Zidnor's royal family that comprises the majority of the clan--the one that wants Zidnor to remain a ruthless intergalactic imperial power. The leader of this faction is Turja's uncle, Lord Hul. Shiki is strongly committed to the same philosophy as Hul, but while he is an intelligent man, he just doesn't have Hul's knack for devious schemes. Still, Shiki has risen to the position of Hul's right-hand man through his willingness to do most of Hul's leg work; for example, delivering Hul's messages to various individuals within the palace. Back to the Cast Page
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