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It's a special clock.

Selene Crow (lunarcorvid) says: You can just imagine him smoothing his hair after all the confusion.
Frederic Bourdin (yusada) says:

You lie.

Selene Crow (lunarcorvid) says:

Holy shite guise I am sorry about the long long time since this page. I am working on it now.

Selene Crow (lunarcorvid) says:

Also, why does itunes only start playing the awesomest songs that I've never heard before late at night when I am ready to sleepy sleep? Haha, it knows things.

I'm sorry about all this sparseness of pages, guys. I'll make it up to you, I promise. In fact, if you tell me you're reading this now, I'll give you a free damn copy when I finally publish the book.

Ah... water is nice.

What has life taught you? Reality can take advantage of you when you should be sleeping. It's, like, a law in which it has found a loophole.

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