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Hello out there to all you folks from crazy internet land. Welcome to the glorious wonders of my first "official" site. Why, whatís that I hear? "Why Mr.Eriberto..Can you tell me exactly what this site is all about?" Why sure my kind and noble viewer. Hmm.? Thatís not what you said? Ho ho, sure it is. Now just come a little bit closer, and Iíll tell you. Mmmm..yea. Right there. Lutraphobic is a web comic/gallery website that portrays countless random babble that flows out of my pencil. Weekly, the comics section will be updated with a different strip(with the old ones being archived for later viewing), and the gallery will get random updates with new art I've finished. There is also links to sketches I've done under the Gallery section. Try not to scream while looking at those, as the pictures have been known to cause unsightly combustions of the cornea's. -Eriberto Betancourt Jr