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Howlett Creager runs Daily Grind, a "general assistance service," as he calls it: sort of a combination detective and temp. agency dedicated to helping people get back up when the daily grind of their lives is getting them down. ... more
The chemical imbalance in Jolene's brain gives her a hair-trigger temper and a preference toward solving problems with a scream and a leap. This drove her from home at an early age and into a life of violent crime. ... more
Up-and-coming endocrinologist Everard Chalko was hired to fill a prestigious post at Gadsden's St. Regis Hospital. He quickly made a name for himself as the "go to guy" in cases no one else could figure out, and his future seemed assured. ... more
Mrs. Teasdale
Contance Euryatep was hatched into a life of luxury on Gadsden's west side. She married Reginald Teasdale, son of another well-to-do local family of barbed moths, and wanted nothing more than to carry on in the social whirl that was her life. ... more
Few people can call D.F. Tharka "Darius" and live, and even those few tend to mispronounce it. He spends most of his time running "D F & A Investigations" with his partner, A. Gana Belea. ... more
Supporting Cast: Agrippina Alban Alice Coil Doseh Dr. Gray Eduard Eulatti Gana Lucia Melchior Moira Monty Pilar Princesses Rafe Steven Toch

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Daily Grind is my entry in the Daily Grind Iron Man Competition. Since I seem to have an account here now, I reckon I'll start uploading it from the beginning... ... full profile