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     We get a little into Howlett's past in our fifth storyline, "-30-", so all I'll say here is that he moved to Gadsden, the major metropolitan center along the west coast of Porphyriya, five years ago and opened Daily Grind in a gentrifying section of downtown. The strange new company's reputation quickly spread, and by the time we check in with them on page 1 of the introduction, Daily Grind has become firmly established in the public's mind as a place where just about anyone can go for help. The local police remain a bit skeptical, however, but Howlett's humble good nature goes a long way toward putting most people at their ease. He's in his mid-20s when the story starts, a snake with a dream that he's doing his darndest to make come true.

     But the real mystery about Howlett--how does he tie that necktie??--takes almost a year to answer... Back to the Cast Page

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