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     Jolene does have a last name, but she never uses it. She met Howlett four years previous to page 1 of the introduction, and after beginning to take the pills Doc designed for her, she was the first employee Howlett hired at Daily Grind. So she's come to consider herself its co-proprietor, arguing with Howlett about "company policy" and even threatening to fire him on occasion--even though he's not only her boss but her legal guardian and de facto parole officer. She wants desperately to keep to the straight and narrow, but Doc's treatments have the side-effect of making her less able to use the physical skills she picked up during her 12 years living and fighting on the streets. This leads her sometimes to cut back on her meds so she can tap into the dark core that still smolders inside her, but this tends to have unfortunate consequences...

     Jolene is very strong, very fast--even for a squirrel--and very uncertain about just about everything in her life at this point other than Daily Grind. About that and the good work she does there, she has no doubts at all. She's the focus of the first storyline, "The Crossing Guard." Back to the Cast Page

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