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     Then Doc decided to get involved in efforts to broker a truce between several of Gadsden's rival feline and rodent street gangs, efforts which ended when Doc was shot three times in the lower jaw, the bone shattering and mangling his tongue to such an extent that reconstruction was simply impossible. No longer able to speak, Doc descended into despair, losing his job, his home, and nearly his life prior to meeting Howlett about four years before page 1 of the introduction and hiring on with Daily Grind.

     Doc's still fairly bitter, but over the past four years, he's begun emerging from the depths of his own moods. He's in his mid-30s, and he's at the center of our second story, "A Tooth for a Tooth" at the end of which he picks up the speech synthesizer that he uses from that point onward. That's also the storyline where he met Alice--see further down the page for more on her--and she's contributed a very great deal to Doc's coming to grips with his life. Back to the Cast Page

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