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Mrs. Teasdale

     This all changed--as we see in "Chrysalis," our third story--and Mrs. Teasdale ended up repudiating her family, striking out on her own, and doing her best to lose herself in Gadsden's poorest quarters. She plowed her personal fortune into 15 run-down halfway houses around the city and renovated them to form Chrysalis House, an organization dedicated to education, health care, and social service. It was there that she met Howlett and became interested in his work; she hired on as a Daily Grind employee two years before page 1 of the introduction and has only occasionally regretted her decision.

     Mrs. Teasdale can be more than a little stuffy and more than a little obnoxious, but she's smart, tough, and that little barb at the end of her abdomen can inject a paralyzing neurotoxin--not that she considers it particularly sporting to use that particular "form of argument," as she puts it, but she will if necessity strikes. Back to the Cast Page

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