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     Already a local legend before joining Daily Grind, Tharka has a wide variety of true and not-so-true stories circulating about him, most of them tied to where he got the nickname "The Devil Bunny." We give his rather-extensive past a run-through in our fourth storyline, "Dust Bunny" as well as our eleventh storyline, "The Apprentice."

     Tharka is honest--some might say brutally so--and seems to be prepared for anything at all times--more often than not in a coldly calculating sort of way. He's trying very hard to be warmer and more empathetic, and he feels that his work with Daily Grind can only help. He won't give his age, and there does seem to be some evidence that he fought during the Great War, though that would make him at least 70 now, and he sure looks mighty spry for that to be the case... Back to the Cast Page

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