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     A. Gana Belea is a southern housefly who came to Gadsden to follow her dream of becoming a private investigator. She set up shop and quickly gained a reputation as someone smart, tenacious, and scrupulously honest. She met and went into business with Tharka several years ago, and the two of them formed "D F & A Investigations."

     Tharka maintains that Gana saved both his life and his soul when she took him in, and it was actually at her urging that he joined Daily Grind. For her part, Gana's more than happy to help him along the road to changing his ways, and the two of them have become much more than business partners. Back to the Cast Page

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Daily Grind is my entry in the Daily Grind Iron Man Competition. Since I seem to have an account here now, I reckon I'll start uploading it from the beginning... ... full profile