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Tim Winkelman grew up in California in the 1970’s.  Surf and skateboard culture were coming of age and Punk Rock and New Wave music were just getting started. He was heavily influenced by the comic books and magazines of that era and of earlier decades.  Underground comix were also a major influence.  He now makes his home in Denver, Colorado.


His first published work was in Acme Comics #10, published by Fandom House.  This was followed by more work for anthology books and comic strips.


After doing his own Machine Girl comic strip, he was approached to join the Hector comic strip with T. Motley and a group of others.  Several years of creative collaboration followed.  These comic strips were published in many publications in the United States and internationally.


He has participated in numerous art shows.  His work was featured in the Pablo’s Comics Extravaganza shows that took place in the late 1990s.  He won second place in the underground comics division of the Fourth Annual Denver Comic Arts Festival.  In addition to exhibiting artwork, he also helped to paint a mural for the successful No Joke show at the Mizel Gallery.


Recent years have seen experimentation with new media such as digital web comics and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.  He also continues to publish new comic strips.  Recent work includes stories for the Not My Small Diary anthologies and some pages for I Kee You, a book published by Atomic Books.