The leading team of superhero defenders of the Galactic Union, an interstellar republic of which 24th century Earth is a member. The team that is called in to deal with threats too big for the regular forces of law, order and security to handle. The team that is usually first into the unknown and possibly dangerous corners of the galaxy. The team leading the effort to bring peace, freedom and prosperity to the rest of the galaxy. The team that exemplifies the best, brightest and bravest the GU has to offer. The team called-the Vanguard. The superhero space opera comic for those who enjoy both genres.

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The Vanguard

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The long-time wife of Thenurion (400 of his 600 year-long life), Sapphira is also a long-standing member of the Vanguard. Like her husband, she is a talented graduate of the Valouran training academies, and has fought for the defense and security of the Galactic Union for most of her adult life, and shares Thenurion's strong beliefs in the GU's ideals. She met Thenurion at the training academies where they were peers, although it would be nearly another two centuries before they fell in love and married. They have two children, Cerena and Erik.

Powers and Abilities

Sapphira has Alpha class Psi abilities, which give her telepahic abilities strong enough to touch and influence minds across interstellar distances, telekinetic abilities that enable her to lift objects weighing thousands of tons, the ability to manipulate and transform the molecular structure of objects, and tremendous energy generation and manipulation powers. When using her power at high levels, it often manifests itself as a flamelike aura around her.

She can also fly via gravitic manipulation at speeds close to .7c (speed of light) and possesses the standard Valouran abilities of great physical strength (up to 50 tons), high resistance to injury, healing quickly from injuries, and immunity to disease, poison and extreme environments. She also has the ability to heal others by giving some of her life-force to them, thus speeding up their own healing.

She is also has training and experience in the psychology of several different races, including humans and her own race. This has made her an asset in diplomatic negotiations, of which she is a veteran. She also has working knowledge of starship technology and operations, although that technological knowledge is not as extensive as her husband's.

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