The leading team of superhero defenders of the Galactic Union, an interstellar republic of which 24th century Earth is a member. The team that is called in to deal with threats too big for the regular forces of law, order and security to handle. The team that is usually first into the unknown and possibly dangerous corners of the galaxy. The team leading the effort to bring peace, freedom and prosperity to the rest of the galaxy. The team that exemplifies the best, brightest and bravest the GU has to offer. The team called-the Vanguard. The superhero space opera comic for those who enjoy both genres.

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The Vanguard

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Profile:The Vanguard's scientific and technical genius, and one of the Galactic Union's leading experts in a variety of scientific disciplines. He is an old friend of Thenurion who until the last century or so was content to work behind the scenes in a lab environment until Thenurion talked him into becoming an active member of the team. Since then he has discovered his sense of adventure, refined the offensive and defensive uses of his powers, and has gained the satisfaction that comes from directly helping others. He is married to Thenurion's daughter Cerena and has two children by her.

Powers and Abilities:One of the greatest geniuses of his time, Franklys is an expert in several disciplines of science and technology. His technological abilities rival Thenurion's but he is a better theoretician. He has made breakthroughs in wormhole physics, biochemistry, robotics, computers, materials science, communications, spectral/signals analysis (making him one of the galaxy's best sensor analysts) and more.

Franklys has impressive levels of psionic power, giving him mind reading, thought-casting and illusion-creating abilities, as well as the ability to manipulate atoms and molecules to change an object's shape. He is able to form psionic shields of impressive strength, and project energy blasts of great power. He can also levitate objects weighing several hundred tons, and has the fine control to assemble or disassemble objects with microscopic parts.

He possesses superhuman strength and is able to lift up to 40 tons, but prefers not to use this ability much and so has never developed it further. He has the standard Valouran abilities of resistance to injury, fast healing, immunity to most diseases and poisons, and near-immortality.

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