The leading team of superhero defenders of the Galactic Union, an interstellar republic of which 24th century Earth is a member. The team that is called in to deal with threats too big for the regular forces of law, order and security to handle. The team that is usually first into the unknown and possibly dangerous corners of the galaxy. The team leading the effort to bring peace, freedom and prosperity to the rest of the galaxy. The team that exemplifies the best, brightest and bravest the GU has to offer. The team called-the Vanguard. The superhero space opera comic for those who enjoy both genres.

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The Vanguard

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It's a shattering finish as Thenuriuon scores his first victory against his attackers!

And its a shattering finish-literally. The squad's armor is made of an advanced type of ceramic blended with metal (24th century manufacturing-it can do the impossible) which is why it's appeared to shatter like glass with Thenurion's blows.

So, one armor squad member is down. But let's not forget there are three others, and the only reason they haven't counterattacked yet is that Thenurion's attack has been much faster than they could cope with. But can he keep up the momentum? Find out next week!

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