The leading team of superhero defenders of the Galactic Union, an interstellar republic of which 24th century Earth is a member. The team that is called in to deal with threats too big for the regular forces of law, order and security to handle. The team that is usually first into the unknown and possibly dangerous corners of the galaxy. The team leading the effort to bring peace, freedom and prosperity to the rest of the galaxy. The team that exemplifies the best, brightest and bravest the GU has to offer. The team called-the Vanguard. The superhero space opera comic for those who enjoy both genres.

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The Vanguard

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The battle goes poorly for the Vanguard as their newest adversary strikes back...

Ouch! Guess the big mean robot had good reason to smile after all-he knew he could turn their attacks back on them. Sucks to be the Vanguard right now, but don't count them out yet....Sorry about the lateness of this page. I've been working 3rd shift 10 days in a row, and have been quite tired. It's kind of a minor miracle that I've been able to produce a page at all. See you next week.

UPDATE: This week's page should be up by Saturday 6/23.

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