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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: I was totally asked all of these questions. Frequently, too. For serious.

Q: Twist:Ending has been called the single most influential comic strip that ever existed. How do you react when you hear that?

A: Oh, you know. I can't say I didn't expect this. It's just part of the game, know what I mean? Sure, sometimes it's a little hard when I start thinking about how much everybody expects from me. I've got millions of fans who need me to keep finding the inspiration and the drive to keep on creating the same incredible, magnificent, ass-shattering and instantly classic art that I have since I started Twist:Ending. But you know what? I know I'll be able to meet those expectations. Hell, I'll surpass them. I'm just gonna keep on doing that. I gotta admit, being awe-inspiring always came pretty easily to me.

Q: Which one of the characters do you feel closest to?

A: You can't ask me to choose between my children, man. I love them with all my heart, even more than my fans do, although I think there's a few really hardcore ones who would love to argue that point. Ha ha, but seriously. I think I'm closest to Jared Twist, because he embodies the part of me that is courageous and free-spirited and can kick anybody's ass. Rex Ending is the part of me that is logical and kind and perceptive, and also modest. And I guess The Chief embodies my faults. When I get pissed, you better watch out. Ha ha, no, I'm just kidding. I don't actually have any faults.

Q: No, of course not. What do you use to make Twist:Ending?

A: Those details are pretty boring, but I guess you asked for them. I actually mix my own ink using the blood of the rare Mexican River Panda, which I go and hunt with a revolver and a hand-made dagger that I found in an Aztec temple some years ago. But that's a story for another day.

Q: Have you been getting more action since the fantastical success of Twist:Ending?

A: It's not really possible for me to get more action. I already enjoy the maximum amount of action. Some people say it is actually more action than any person, male or female, has ever actually gotten. I think that's probably true. I'm beatin' dudes off with a stick, goin' "No, dudes! I'm kind of all action'd out." Sometimes it gets kind of hard to say no, I mean, those guys want to have action with me so bad. But you know what? That's the price you gotta pay for this life of fast thrills and online comics.

Q: What was it like working with Dustin Hoffman?

A: He's already spoken at length about how great we work together, so I think all I need to say is that I agree.


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