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Jared Twist
The senior officer at P.M.S.; utterly self-absorbed and obnoxious. ... more
Rex Ending
The laid back, long suffering cadet. ... more
The Chief
He is SO ANGRY. ... more
Shillo Timedendsendlyson
Shillo is a proud example of that classic literary archetype, "The Girl". ... more
Dinah is smarter than the average five-year-old. However, she is on par with the average fictional five-year-old. ... more
Antonio Sexorelli
My favorite. ... more
Silver Viper Fox
Hardcore with extra issues. ... more
Crimson Falcon Scorpion
Using the finest in cardboard weaponry. ... more
Toughlady McBallbuster
Stereotype is literally her middle name. ... more
Julius Quire
He enjoys tasty burgers. ... more
Vincenzo Trentono
Okay, you get the joke already. ... more
Kargo Erotica
Once killed a whale with his bare hands. For serious. ... more
Kevin Never
Ridiculously freckled replacement agent. ... more
Jared's love for her burns like a pair of eagles that are for some reason on fire. ... more
Tom Waits
Our hero. ... more

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