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Silver Viper Fox

Full Name: Unknown. She has a secret identity.

Age: 21

Ethnic heritage/religion: French-Canadian/Atheist

Job: Wealthy heiress/politically concious supervillain

Personality: Vain, selfish, spoiled, emotional, impractical and utterly, utterly melodramatic. She also likes to think of herself as something of a martyr (she is not).

Fondest desire:To be considered the greatest revolutionary of the 21st century- without all that work. Also, to sleep with Zach Braff.

Quirks: Decides that any small inconvenience is an attack on her freedoms. Is somehow convinced that she is a victim of oppression, despite her considerable wealth and privilege. Loves the Smiths, Kurt Cobain, Catcher in the Rye, Zach Braff and men with good cheekbones. Believes eating animal products is evil (despite her exploitation of monster tigers). Her nice studio apartment in Williamsburg (where else?) is also her secret crime lair. Employs various henchmen to do her bidding. Loathes Twist:Ending with a passion and thinks of them as the ultimate tools of corrupt American society or some crap.

Greatest strength: Genetic engineering (giant monster tigers are her favorite pets), sex appeal.

Greatest weakness: Gives away her devilish plans when she taunts the authorities. Can't stand to touch things that other people like. Also, she's really fucking stupid.

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