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Crimson Falcon Scorpion

Full Name: Ike Shaw (alias: Crimson Falcon Scorpion)

Age: 27

Ethnic heritage/religion: Chinese-American/Catholic

Job: Travel agent by day, cape-wearing supervillain by night.

Personality: Casual, aloof, irritable. Seems more like a kind of a douchey guy than an actual hardcore serious criminal.

Fondest desire: To score with Silver Viper Fox. (He has achieved this goal.)

Quirks: Makes his costumes and weapons himself. Uses "Crimson Falcon Scorparangs", which are made out of cardboard. Once dated Shillo; is currently dating Silver Viper Fox. Is a moderately active villain despite his general disintrest in everything.

Greatest strength: Uhh... he seems pretty level headed.

Greatest weakness: His weapons are MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD. Back to the Cast Page

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