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Toughlady McBallbuster

Full Name: Toughlady Stereotype McBallbuster

Age: 49

Ethnic heritage/religion: Irish Catholic

Job: Commissioner of the Police Martial artist Soldiers- she ranks higher than the Chief, and occasionally inspects his division to make sure it is up to par. (It never is.)

Personality:Tough; frequently prone to ballbusting.

Fondest desire: She secretly wants to marry the Chief. Don't tell anybody.

Quirks: Invented a jetpack activated by posing. Likes to state the obvious. Once made out with the Chief at a party. Bears a striking resemblance to Dinah. Only refers to past events in vague terms in order to appear mysterious and complicated.

Greatest strength: Furious ballbusting.

Greatest weakness: Her secret sensitive side, obviously. Back to the Cast Page

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