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Rex Ending

Full Name: Rexiford "Rex" Ending

Age: 22

Ethnic heritage/religion: Irish-American (on father's side), African-American (on mother's side)/Protestant

Job: Cadet at Police Martial artist Soldiers. He probably deserves a promotion.

Personality: Kind-hearted, perceptive, and perhaps too easy-going for his own good. He mostly follows along with whatever Jared is doing, because he doesn't really care that much.

Fondest desire: To have a mostly peaceful, stable life. Also, to ride the official Twist:Ending motorcycles.

Quirks: Has a mostly stereotypical deep-South upbringing, except for the fact that he and his "kin" are all giant sci-fi nerds. He has a tattoo of Hellboy on his chest and an inexplicably violent hatred for tigers and the environment. He's also hairier than most people probably should be.

Greatest strength: He stays very calm under pressure. Also, he's a great shot.

Greatest weakness: He has a disorder which makes him completely blind to everything directly behind his head. Back to the Cast Page

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