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The Chief

Full Name: The Chief

Age: Somewhere between 60 and 65

Ethnic heritage/religion: No one knows, especially since he legally changed his name to "The Chief" a few years ago.

Job: He manages the Police Martial artist Soldiers, which actually doesn't seem very difficult.

Personality: Extremely hateful. The Chief's demeanor ranges from "unusually irritated" to "blood-curdling murderous fury".

Fondest desire: For everyone else in the world to behave like civilized human beings.

Quirks: Enjoys painting with watercolor, though his skill and subject matter could be bested by a toddler. Takes a large amount of pharmaceuticals daily (usually just the contents of whatever pill bottles he finds in people's medicine cabinets). Apparently shoots heroin when really upset. Only his beloved daughter Dinah is spared from his arbitrary rage. Reads a lot of "young adult" books for some reason.

Greatest strength: He can completely and utterly intimidate everyone.

Greatest weakness: His organs are probably fucked up beyond recognition from all those pills, but The Chief does not believe in doctors. Back to the Cast Page

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