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Shillo Timedendsendlyson

Full Name: Shillo Evelyn Timedendsendlyson

Age: 24

Ethnic heritage/religion: WASP. She claims to be a Buddhist but she really just did yoga once.

Job: Assistant manager at a health food store. She also "freelances" for the P.M.S., which basically means she drives Jared and Rex around in her pickup truck (the "Twist:Ending mobile") when they need a ride.

Personality: Shillo's very ... um. She likes to ... uh. Well, obviously people say that she ... hmmm. Shillo's kind of bland. Let's just say she's a perfectly decent human being.

Fondest desire: To marry a man with a short last name. See? Even her wildest dreams are boring.

Quirks: She likes to read books about married couples who love each other very much. She loves towels. Her favorite food is bread. She has been friends with Jared since they were children, and he is sort of in love with her, but she is turned off by his distinctive hairstyle.

Greatest strength: She has a cool and awesome car.

Greatest weakness: She's not as hip as she thinks she is. Back to the Cast Page

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