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Full Name: Dinah Chief

Age: 5

Ethnic heritage/religion: Whatever the hell The Chief is

Job: She's five. Dinah used to go to preschool, until she was suspended for feeling up her ABC's teacher. Now she kind of just hangs around the Police Martial artist Soldiers headquarters.

Personality: Honest, realistic, and confident. She is kind of sleazy and lecherous around men she finds attractive and will probably be sued for sexual harassment when she's old enough.

Fondest desire: To have a pony.

Quirks: The Chief is her father, and she seems to be the only person he actually cares about. Despite her being "mature" for her age (sex-obsessed and foul-mouthed), Dinah still loves ponies and dolls and pink clothes and all that other little girl crap. She religiously watches her favorite show, "Dr. Finneus Funnyshoe's Laugh Fortress". Loves juiceboxes. She's extremely critical of modern society's "pretty boy" ideal, and prefers "old-fashioned" men like Humphrey Bogart and Gregory Peck. Hates bimbos, today's rock music, and gross bugs.

Greatest strength: She might just be the smartest and most competent person at P.M.S.

Greatest weakness: She's five. Back to the Cast Page

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