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  1. The First Charade.
  2. The First Charade: Enter the Plot
  3. The First Charade: And Now a VERY SPECIAL Twist:Ending
  4. The First Charade: Secret Self-Esteem Problems
  5. The First Charade: More Interesting Things Happen.
  6. The First Charade: Wilhelm!
  7. The First Charade: The Last First Charade
  8. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous
  9. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: The Special Edition
  10. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: The Hunt is On
  11. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: Zed's Dead, Baby, Zed's Dead
  12. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: Tigers!
  13. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: It Gets Worse
  14. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: The Eagle Technique
  15. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: The Home Stretch
  16. Rilly, Rilly Dangerous: Steiner Kolza Stands Up
  17. Streetclothes
  18. Streetclothes: Twist No More
  19. Streetclothes: The Plot Thickens
  20. Streetclothes: Weekend at Jared's
  21. Streetclothes: One For My Baby
  22. Magic!
  23. Streetclothes: Or Was It?!
  24. Occam's Razor
  25. Occam's Razor: Babysitter Club
  26. Occam's Razor: Master Plan
  27. Occam's Razor: The Crime Punchers
  28. Occam's Razor: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Robots
  29. Occam's Razor: Nature vs. Technology
  30. Occam's Razor: Penultimate!
  31. Occam's Razor: That's All, Folks
  32. In Between.
  33. The Boys Are Back In Town
  34. Corruption on the Force
  35. That's My Boy
  36. A Thinly Veiled Self Portrait
  37. Stupid Like a Fox
  38. Stupid Like a Fox: Something Something Afternoon

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