Borgy Borgonia ||   

Born in the small town somewhere in Laguna, Philippines, Borgy has long dreamed of becoming a writer and artist for one of the major companies in the comics industry.  The reality, however is that aside from logistical problems, the lack of, ahem, "resources" (i.e. time and money) proved too much of a hurdle.  Working odd-jobs as early as 8 years old, he makes ends meet but continues to hope for a brighter future.

 In 1996, he was inspired to create his own creator-owned property.  A huge Superman-fan, Borgy decided to follow that archetype.  Although there have been attempts at creating an iconic do-gooder inspired by Philippine culture, he felt there was something missing from these characters.   Researching and collaborating with like-minded peers, it was a news entry of real-world heroics made by blue-collar Filipinos local and abroad that became the key influence in his endeavor.

Thus, Servant was born.