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So, the monkey thinks he can draw

You know, like, whenever!

Tree Fish
made with Corel Painter
This drawing is available on merchandise at my Cafe Press store.

original page 1 from "One of a Hundred"
I started out drawing with more of a realistic style, but I couldn't keep the characters looking the same from drawing to drawing.

full size picture of Amy and Emma from "Hundred"
this is the image I drew for the "photo" on the first few pages of the comic.

original portrait of Amy and Emma from "Hundred"
Also, from more of a realistic style.  The girl's head looks like it was pasted on.  I used stock photos for positioning.  That really worked out well.

original page 12 of "Hundred"
I drew this long before I needed it, but it didn't fit in well once I got there.

Originally in "One of a Hundred", but without the text and panel divisions. My interpretation of the book of Job from the Old Testament.

Just slightly pissed-off.

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