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Gary Indiana
Physical therapist at Avalanche Mercy Hospital ... more
A ghost ... more
John Bnero
A guy in therapy ... more
Dr. Oliver Trevanian
An dedicated, but suddenly prematurely aging, staff anesthesiologist at Avalanche Mercy Hospital ... more
Obar Ezra
Arabic physical therapy. Is an investigator for hire. ... more
Dr. Shirley Ravenscraft
A psychiatrist, working on a temporary basis, at Avalanche Mercy Hospital ... more
Gloria Cates
A chef and c ooking professor ... more
Supporting Cast: Detective Bryant Stanton Bleerio
Mark Dreskin ||   

Do we cartoon as a diversion, or is it to "leave our mark," as it were; like how a dog marks off his territory in a regular neighborhood. I'm a doctor artist. My music used to show up under the moniker "Doc Zeller," on, before Vivendi Universal b ... full profile