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Mark Dreskin ||   

I'm a family doctor.  I work in Urgent Care and teach.  I was born in the San Fernando Valley in California.  I've done screenwriting, and, with it, the whole "Hero's journey/Joseph Campbell thing, and therefore, I'm a big fan of the long-form graphic story, a la Alex Robinson, David B.  Being the short attention span guy that I am, I will stick to vignettes, but we all can dream.  I hope to complete my Magnum Opus, about 5 simultaneous hospital stories, sometime by 2098 (give or take 5-10 years...and some breakthrough in this whole cryogenics fad). 

Also love humor writing, have done political satire blogging on The Washington Beltsider site ( and "The Progressive Daily Beacon.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my stuff.