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I've had to have my mom open the garage door for me many times...

All the wasted hours of youth spent taking ridiculous quizzes such as this...

This comic caused quite a stir when I first posted it in 2007. I hope that you understand what's happening here because I really hate explaining jokes more than anything. If you're still confused, reference the title of this storyline.

I didn't actually know this myself. I had to look it up on the interwebz.
Fun Fact: a lot of those toys are in my bedroom.
Note: My parents never got me a Lite Brite as a kid. I've never forgiven them.
It doesn't take much to get me to gasp in surprise.
This really happened to me once and being vegetarian, it was even more unpleasant.

This is probably my favorite comic I've done ever.

This comic was inspired by an actual transcript between me and my father.

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