Peirene is slightly odd, both to herself and others. 20 years old, she is very practical and easy-going, fond of the written word. She's somewhat reserved, and likes going out, mostly to plays, lectures, and other events that don't require interaction. ... more
Peirene's best friend and next-apartment neighbor, Emi is outgoing and artistic. She was born in Japan, but her teenage obsession with this fact has calmed. She's going to school to become an interior designer. Only legal records call her Emily. ... more

Lack of News:

This comic is most likely not going to happen yet due to another project the author is stewing up (with the help of a faster and more skilled artist!). I'm sitting on this for the moment because I like the layout, but it's unlikely to be useful to anyone else for now.

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Rather inclined to giggle; doesn't put things away. ... full profile