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Well, currently I'm in art school. No, I've never seen the movie but I have seen the trailer. My relatives have supposedly shaken their heads whenever my mother tells them I'm in art school. I have a cousin (whose name I forget because I'm close to no person among my relations) who's going to be a dancer though. I hope he does well, but I know he prbably is doing well because his mother is rich off the charts. That's why I don't want to keep up with the relations, they're all rich but they never want to help my family out because they're afraid they'll catch "poor people germs".

I'm unemployed. My dad is unemployed (refuses to work). My mom is unemployed (she has lupus, is not proficient in English, and is weak as a brittle twig). They're going to move back to California to live off government benefits such as free healthcare and leave me here in Oregon where only children and pregnant women get those benefits. It makes me mad, I'm telling you this because it's an emo rant, and sad at the same time because my situation is so dreary.

I know it's bad to ask for this kind of help but please, if you can, donate a little bit (like a quarter or a dollar 'cause I eat $3 worth of food a day) via the paypal button on my tutorial at

I should probably quit school (buying art supplies is costly, it's that or food), but I need to go otherwise I'll never have the chance at a future like that again. No one should ever not go to school because they haven't the money, you know? There's financial aid for that. Anyway, I've been trying to sell art and such but so far no one wants to commission me...

I know my skills aren't that good but if you think they are good then I have a drawing tutorial you can visit here: