Rebbeca Charater Profile

Name: Rebbeca

Alias: Creature/Harpy

Country Of Residences: Southern England

Place Of Birth: From the Darkness of the mind

First Appearence From The Dark pg1 #1 (2010) (Origin)

Age: Between 17-27

Occupation: N/A

Known Relatives: None other than her creator

Education: What she had soaked up from her Creator's own interllectual mind

Height: 4ft 10'ins

Weight: 6st (roughly)

Eyes: White

Hair: (Sketchy at the moment supposedly) Jet Black.

Abilities: (Abilites are still unfolding) She is a carnivous hunter, quick on her feet and
very agile, beholding awsome if not superhuman strength within her slight frame.
More accusomed to the dark she is naturualy nocturnal.

Food: All animal flesh is yummy

Drink: Hard stuff, spirits, floor polish, blood.... yadda yadda.

Music: Anything that has a lot of thrashing and screaming in it.

Film: Mostly everything that Dario Agento can think of.

Book: Gothic Novels.

Likes: Getting her own way, causing fights and confrontation.

Dislikes: Fools, people getting in her way, hypocrisy, pomposity, authority, being brushed under the carpet. Back to the Cast Page
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