Some Town

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Jelly Parfait

The tall, black haired half of the singing duo of Honey and Jelly, two struggling musicians who attempt to gig around their small town, despite a huge lack of venues. She was born to a French family on Muskrat Island, spending some time with her Stagemother at the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Dance (or B.A.D.) before moving to Some Town and teaming up with Honey. She is also cousins with Monique and her children, the Neuftuplets. She came up with the plan to get Frat Dad back to normal when he attempted to go sober, and also, with Honey, sang "Amazing Grace" at D.W.'s pet turtle Van Gogh's funeral.

Voiced by Jenny Bousquet, first appeared in "Samson & Delilah", February 28, 2009. Back to the Cast Page
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