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Eugene "Frat Dad" Dingman

Middle aged man continually trying to relive his young days. Divorced several times with multiple kids, he's overweight, balding, and perpetually drunk or well on his way. One of his prized possessions is his beer helmet, which on special occasions, he trades in for his keg helmet. Despite being nicknamed "Frat Dad", it's doubtful if he ever even graduated high school. His real name is Eugene, as is evidenced by his second wife Stella's refusal to call him "Frat Dad". At one point he briefly cleaned himself up and reconnected with his family, until his neighbours threw him a surprise party and persuaded him to have a beer. It was all downhill from there. He also unsuccessfully attempted to join Honey and Jelly's band on lead guitar, and also later tried to become their manager. He lives with his grandmother, Granny "Pschyitzo" Franny Dingman.

Voiced by Matt Rasch, first appeared in "Just Killin' Time", February 20, 2007. Back to the Cast Page
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