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Sophie never wanted to be a hero, not the type that runs off into danger, anyway. We find her working in the vast Museum of Lost Things on the asteroid of Sysyphus; endlessly cataloguing a plethora of oddball items. That is, until she meets Pirate Peg. ... more
Widow Widhover
Widow has been Sophie's best friend since they were kids. Widow's dad, you see, is none other than H.R. Widhover, the richest man in the Solar System. Widow has just graduated from the Rangerette Academy, and soon finds herself in quite a fix. ... more
Roshi is a lot more than just another cute robot assistant. Victim of an over-active imagination, he attempts to help out Sophie in any number of capacities whether he's qualified or not; taking on the role of analyst, attorney, even her protector. ... more
Pirate Peg
Pirate Peg is the very essence of the adventure hero; brave, loyal, resourceful, and completely mad. Of course she's just a comic character, the heroine of Spicy Space Stories, a comic so dangerous it?s outlawed throughout the galaxy. Or is she really re ... more
The Moon Marauders
Ah yes, the Moon Marauders! Who hasn't thrilled to their adventures in the pages of Spicy Space Stories? How their names are sung in the annals of adventuredom: The Collector, Brigand, Decoder, Klepto, and of course their leader- Pirate Peg! ... more
Nurse Nebula
Sophie has the perfect role-model for guidance in times of trouble, her favorite comic heroine Nurse Nebula. Aided by the ever faithful Qwyrf, Neb appeared as the back-up feature in Spicy Space Stories, helping those in need throughout the galaxy. ... more
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Michael Cohen is the co-creator of the SF series Strange Attractors, He edited and contributed to the fantasy anthologies Mythography for Bardic Press, and The Forbidden Book for Renaissance Press. Other comic work: Washouts & art for a Poison Elf story. ... full profile