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The Moon Marauders

Ah yes, the Moon Marauders! Who hasn't thrilled to their adventures in the pages of Spicy Space Stories and numerous other comics? How their names are sung in the annals of adventuredom: The Collector, Brigand, Decoder, Klepto, and of course their leader- Pirate Peg!

In hundreds of mind-boggling episodes, they dealt with menaces such as The Meteor Miner and The Phantom Vulture, until one day, in an event that would be known as the Battle of the Black Boot- they were destroyed by Sykharrak and her minions! What became of them, these comic book heroines whose real life counterparts fought against the tyranny of the richest man in the Solar System- H.R. Widhover?

Well, at least two of them are still around, and the one known as The Collector is out for vengeance- against Pirate Peg. And Sophie gets caught up in the middle. Back to the Cast Page
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Michael Cohen is the co-creator of the SF series Strange Attractors, He edited and contributed to the fantasy anthologies Mythography for Bardic Press, and The Forbidden Book for Renaissance Press. Other comic work: Washouts & art for a Poison Elf story. ... full profile