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I'm first and foremost and artist that looks for different modes of expressions.

My main training has been in music. I have recently received a bachelor's degree from Schulic School of Music (McGill University) as a Music Composition major. I'm presently doing a year of humanitarian service in French Guiana, and am confirmed to start my Master's in Audio-Visual Composition (a.k.a. film music writing) at Université de Montréal in September 2008. I'm a violinist and a fiddler, and try to learn as many styles as possible on the violin, may it be folk, jazz, gyspsy, or hard core classical.


So why drawing?


Because it's also fun. Though I've never really studied art, my father's an artist. Whenever he'd get excited about one of his paintings, he'd run in my room, paint stains all over, paintbrush behind an ear, and explain to me his new revelation on light or colour manipulation, subject presentation, and the likes.

This doesn't make me more knowledgeable in the subject. Far from it. But it made me see that art can also be fun.