Polarity and Power-Man

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Doctor Metalhead monologues to his captive, who is somewhat less than impressed.

The idea of having speech bubbles that were different colours for each of the characters was something I picked up from reading Irregular Webcomic, which is a much much better comic than mine, and you should probably be reading it right now, go on, I'll wait the day or two it takes you to go through the archives...

Right you're back. Originally I was going to have different shades representing the emotional states of the characters as well (Pink would be relaxed, normal red would be normal emotion, and crimson would be angry or otherwise enraged). I realised early on that it would lead to problems in formatting (Black text on a dark crimson background doesn't work, but white text looks very odd in this comic). Maybe I'll come back to the idea when I've been at this for a little longer.

The epic of Polarity and DOCTOR METALHEAD continues. Tune in on Monday for an explanation of hypnosis that I just know you're all going to want to hear.

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