Polarity and Power-Man

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Polarity escapes the clutches of Doctor Metalhead.

I warned you it would be anti-climactic. At this point I wasn't really confident enough in my skills to draw any sort of action scene. (I'm still not really.)

For those who didn't guess, Polarity's name is derived from her ability to reverse things. Up and Down, Left and Right. It comes in handy. Sometimes, occasionally, in very very specific situations. This comic took ages to finish because I had to free form select Doctor Metalhead and reverse the colours on him, as well as the speech bubbles (which means it took ten minutes instead of five.) This comic also marks the first use of the computer colour tool, instead of my own sharpie marker scribbling. Can you spot the places I used it?

Tune in on Friday for the next inter-comic talkie section, followed by a riveting Power-Man solo story!

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