Welcome to the Pleistocene, when people were fuzzy, tasty edible animals had fangs
and horns and scales and were the size of large cars, and Coyotes fell off things, avoided work, and generally got into trouble. 
But what else would you expect of a Coyote?


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Character profile: Keeper of Kittens ·

Character profile: Keeper of Kittens

The Keeper of Kittens is both a name and a title for the Fishers tribe.  It's an honored position within the clans of the tribe; each clan has its own "Keeper of Kittens".  Because there are a number of Fishers "tribes" (bands, actually; groups of 40-70 people living together in the same camp), there can be up to 30 women who have the title "Keeper of Kittens."

The "eyra" are miniature domesticated jaguarundis, about the size of a modern housecat. These animals all wear leather harnesses and work as fishing cats during part of the year. Their long silky hair is combed during the spring and summer, and the resulting wool is woven into many different things. Cloth of jaguarundi fur is considered quite valuable because it takes a lot of it to make the cloth.

Once a woman becomes a "Keeper of kittens" she goes to a tall, rocky island off the coast and makes a permanent house there.  They spend most of the year with their own clans, and the eyra live in the house compounds with the women and their families. Once a year, in the fall, when the females come into heat, the Keepers of Kittens travel to the Place of the Moon to breed their animals with those of other tribes. Kittens are born in the spring.

 The Keepers of Kittens do not take formal husbands, but they can have any number of lovers.  Their children live with them, but stay with the clan when the Keepers go to the Island.

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