Welcome to the Pleistocene, when people were fuzzy, tasty edible animals had fangs
and horns and scales and were the size of large cars, and Coyotes fell off things, avoided work, and generally got into trouble. 
But what else would you expect of a Coyote?


Coyote will be moving to Radio Comix in September 2009.



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R Gibson (starflier) says: This comic has a lot of potential... Your art is good and it's nice to see prehistoric humanity portrayed with anything else that Flintstones sillyness or boring seriousness... The only thing that could really use some work is the shaping and randering of the speech bubble and text; The font doesn't fit with the art style, and so is rather jarring, plus the bubbles themselves could stand to be squared off a bit for a more uniform gutter... beyond that, I like what I see...
Mel. White (melwhite) says:

Thanks for the comment!  In real life, I'm an anthropologist and fossil preparator (part-time, volunteer) and so I'll be drawing on a number of ancient cultures and real Pleistocene fauna (with a few tweaks) for settings and references.

Yeah (sigh) lettering was always my biggest problem (and inking.  Pencils, no problemo.  Inks and lettering... ARGH!)  I'm trying to get this all sorted out AND learn Manga Studio at the same time.

When I get inks/lettering/shading all figured out, I'll go back and do those early pages (except for page 1). This whole thing is actually practice for when I start doing DUNCAN AND MALLORY #4.

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