Welcome to the Pleistocene, when people were fuzzy, tasty edible animals had fangs
and horns and scales and were the size of large cars, and Coyotes fell off things, avoided work, and generally got into trouble. 
But what else would you expect of a Coyote?


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Known to her kids as "Indiana Mom", anthropologist Mel. White is a writer, artist, comic book creator, poet, storyteller, playwright, rocket-and-robot enthusiast -- and a fossil preparator.  An avid gamer with a lamentable habit of filking, she has committed a number of musical atrocities about the World of Warcraft in addition to a few other ditties that keep the werewolves awake at night.  Her graphic novel series (co-created by Robert Asprin), DUNCAN AND MALLORY, will be web published at the Radio Comix website (http://www.radiocomix.com/) beginning in September.   She can be found on Twitter, lurking under the name of "Foxraven"... because all the really good names were already taken.


Coyote -- the Webcomic is copyright 1980-2009, Mel. White

With thanks to Elder Walks Far of the Tuscarora Nation for his blessing.