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It all started with, as I was finishing up Rosie's last few pages, a look at the calendar and the realization that, in the order I was going in (Rupert to Rachel to Rosie to Rupert again), and the amount of time it takes to finish an installment, I was going to have to wait and plan really well for a Holiday Special for next year.  And then Space Krall (username SpaceK on here) said something along the lines of, "Hey, does Rosie have some suggestions for the Holidays?!" And I decided to bite the bullet, face the writer's block head-on, and do a 3 or so page special that updated every day.

The good news, because there is only good news, is that I have three completed pages, out of four or five that I have planned.  The even better news?  You won't have to wait several weeks to see it all.  That's right, my friends: I am updating this comic every single day this week until it's done!  And also, updates should be arse-early in the morning unless I'm running late to work.

I hope you enjoy this Holiday Special!

Questions, Holiday Greetings, love cheer and good tidings, "I read this!", job offers, etc, please direct to reardon (dot) melanie (at) ! 

(And, just so you know: Please to not being all offended at me about any of this subject matter of "holidays," don't give me a lecture on being not-inclusive/not-exclusive enough.  I grew up in a bi-religious home and we celebrated more than one thing.  I'm more addressing the idea of consumerism for consumption-sake.)

Happy Monday, my LoLbunnies, and see you TOMORROW! 

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