Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!


Once I figure out how to re-size these and make it look nicer, I'll start updating regularly.  Yay!  Constructive criticism is always welcome.


How this comic was made:

-on reused paper (the back side)

-after about 3 drafts (Thank you, Sarah Jedrey, for all your tips!)

-with pencil, gel pen (muji brand), sharpie, and Prismacolor pencils

-scanned and then edited (bare minimum) with GIMP, a free art-software which I recommend

-then re-sized again (using GIMP)


I was very much inspired by Loreen Leedy's "Look at My Book" ( -- the steps she outlines are excellent for writing your own book!)  I encouraged my advanced ESL students to write original books and was inspired to do my own... and then I decided to make this an on-going series.  So, here it is!  Now go out there and use your 3 Rs!

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