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Special thanks to Saralie for posing for me (hunched over and irritated) last week!

 I majored in Linguistics in college, and I am a complete nerd when it comes to language.

 My shirt in the picture (is not actually a shirt I own) says "MOU!" (pronounced like "mow" as in what you do to the lawn) and it's the noise you make when you're just completely fed up.  Or if you're a cow. 

There's a great song about the water cycle that I taught my ESL kids in Japan (complete with a dance) to the tune of "Oh my darlin' Clementine" -- "Evaporation, condensation, precipitaaaaation on my head, accumulation, water cycle, and we staaaaart over again! Evaporation, conden..." you get the idea. It never got old.  It got 1st - 4th graders psyched about science!  Yay, science!

And, as for the "...wait, what?!", I guess you'll have to wait another week to find out!  Tchau for now!

("Tchau" is Brazilian-Portuguese for all you language buffs out there. It's the equivalent of the "ciao" of many other languages and it's pronounced like "chow."   It's also one of my absolute favourite words in Osaka-dialect Japanese!) 

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Jasmin Chua (worstedwitch) says: Brilliant!
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