Recycle!  Reduce!  Reuse!

The final tip (for this installment, at least) for saving energy is... Don't just hold your breath, click on the link and FIND OUT!

This tip should save you lots of money... And yeah, maybe you'll be a little chilly in the winter or a little warm in the summer, but... you'll also be more comfortable going outside when your body isn't forced to make drastic changes all the time!  Open the windows and use a fan in the summer!  Fresh air!

Plus, you can always put on a sweater or take off a layer, right?  That's why we have so many clothes!


Next week, Rosie the Reuse Rabbit will introduce the concept of BYO.  What's BYO?!  Hmm... you'll find out next Monday!


"Beijos" is Portuguese for "kisses" and it's often used in (farewell-type, if I recall correctly) greetings between friends.


Also-- I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my readers.  I get approximately zero comments, but the 3 Rs got over 200 page views last week!  This is exciting, guys!  I hope you're getting something out of the comic!  As always, constructive criticism, love letters, mix tapes, etc. can be directed to reardon dot melanie at gmail dot com!  Peace! 

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Now go out and DO!
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